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Team up with US Navy warship captain, Hoover Institution Veteran Fellow, and behavioral healthcare company CEO, Matt Brown. Build an evidence-based, high performance mindset in your family, at your school, and on your team. Eliminate destructive anxiety, depression, and suicide. Learn proven skills that beat the cognitive distortions chipping away at your health and well-being.

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  • Commander Brown has empowered the elite, from US Marine Corps' Marine Air Group 16 to Air Force ROTC's Teal Rope Club and Minot Air Force Base Airmen. His expertise transcends sectors, benefiting college students, Fortune 500 firms, and competitive athletes, showcasing unparalleled versatility in leadership and teamwork training.

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Take command of your behavioral health. Book a transformative seminar, training session, or hands-on workshop with a former US Navy warship captain, Stanford Fellow and CEO of Chimney Trail Health. Delve into Cognitive Behavior Theory and Prospect Theory, understanding their impact on mental health. Experience an interactive session that not only discusses cognitive distortions but also equips you with strategies to overcome them. This seminar is an investment in leadership training, teamwork, personal growth and mental resilience. Don't miss this unique opportunity to enhance your well-being. Reserve your spot now—empowerment awaits.

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Are you a "Remote First" employer? Can't get everyone in a room for an in person seminar. No problem!

Elevate your mental well-being from the comfort of your home office with our exclusive Zoom seminar. Get the same great training led by Matt, a former US Navy warship captain and Stanford Fellow, now pioneering CEO of Chimney Trail Health. This virtual session dives into the same topics made available to in person audiences. Learn Cognitive Behavior Theory and Prospect Theory. Engage in an interactive experience that tackles cognitive distortions and arms you with practical strategies for overcoming them. This is more than a seminar—it's a journey to personal empowerment. Secure your virtual seat today for a unique blend of leadership, psychology, and actionable insights.

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Unlock leadership and teamwork excellence with our Cognitive Behavior Theory-based training. Transform your team's dynamics and resilience.
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  • “It's very calming to know that what I am processing is normal”

    “I did not know that what I am currently going through is something called cognitive distortion. It's very calming to know that what I am processing is normal.”

    College student and U.S. Air Force Officer candidate

  • “I learned so much!”

    “I learned so much! How important it is to use your logical "System 2" thinking and understanding that even though it can feel like it, the world is not really ending when things are rough.”

    U.S. Space Force Officer

  • “I truly believe in what you're doing.”

    “I have been a Marine for 17 years. I thoroughly enjoyed your brief and also believe in what your company is doing. I currently am undergoing therapy for depression and I also believe there is a place for therapy as a preventative means. I truly believe in what you're doing. Thank you for your time.”

    U.S. Marine

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CBT Intro Waypoint Kit description

Chimney Trail Health's CBT Introduction Waypoint Kit supplements Matt's seminar and familiarizes you with the ten most common cognitive distortions that lead to anxiety and depression.
Using the age old practice of building a "time capsule" you'll learn strategies to achieve new levels of fulfillment and well-being. Inside each kit you'll find:

  • a CBT instruction booklet,
  • a foldable camp shovel,
  • and a premium, stainless steel time capsule.

Great to do on your own or as a group activity with your family, friends or co-workers. 
Learn what every clinical behavioral healthcare provider already knows: YOU are the captain of your action and intention, YOU are in command of your behavioral health journey, and YOU have the power to THRIVE.